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Wildcard Mini forest green

Wildcard Mini forest green

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GOTS steht weltweit als führender Standard für die Verarbeitung von Bio-Fasern in der Textilindustrie an. Als unabhängige Non-Profit-Organisation integriert er ökologische und soziale Standards in den Produktionsprozess von Textilien. Die gesamte textile Lieferkette wird einem unabhängigen und transparenten Zertifizierungsverfahren unterzogen.
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Kleidung, die in der EU hergestellt wird, entspricht den Standards und Vorschriften der Europäischen Union in Bezug auf Arbeitsbedingungen, Umweltschutz und Produktqualität. Sie durchläuft strenge Kontrollen und bietet oft eine bessere Transparenz bezüglich der Herstellungsprozesse.
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Upgecycelte Produkte werden aus bereits vorhandenen Materialien hergestellt, die nicht mehr in ihrer ursprünglichen Form genutzt werden. Diese Materialien werden wiederverwertet und umgewandelt, wodurch Abfall reduziert und Ressourcen geschont werden.
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Vegane Kleidung wird ohne tierische Bestandteile hergestellt und verwendet stattdessen Materialien wie Baumwolle, Leinen, Kunstfasern oder pflanzliche Alternativen wie Lyocell oder Modal.
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  • Zippered pocket
  • several interior compartments
  • External pocket with zip
  • adjustable shoulder strap
  • natural aging process (similar to leather)
A studio bag with enough space in the main compartment. Inside there are two open compartments and a medium-sized lockable compartment opposite each other. There is even more storage space from the outside via a side zipper. With so many bags of different sizes, you will be able to find everything well sorted and without having to search for a long time. The Wildcard shoulder bag is equipped with an adjustable but also removable strap.

After purchasing a bag from the IKI collection, a natural aging process begins. Similar processes are known for leather. This organic symbol lies in the secret of the recycled plastic fabric mix.

IKI collection – recycled plastic

Using an innovative process, plastic waste is made from industrial packaging waste into a new material. The original plastic is converted into synthetic fibers. This means that a small part of the recyclable materials is wasted less and does not end up in the waste incineration plant as usual. The air remains clean and free of toxic pollutants. The result is an environmentally friendly product made of robust and waterproof material with a long service life.


SMATERIA means transforming a material to breathe new life into it. The company, based in Cambodia, was founded in 2006 by two Italian women. The goal of the two founders was to share their creativity sustainably with their company and to strengthen the work of Cambodians. They take inspiration from their surroundings. Recyclable or upcyclable materials are passionately converted into new raw materials. The result is high-quality products with a chic Italian design. All production takes place in-house. Smateria is also free of child labor and has been awarded the “Child Labor Free” mark.

Additional Information

COLORS: forest green, gray

SIZE: L25 x H25 x W6.5 cm



MATERIAL: recycled plastic from packaging waste

- 98g recycled plastic

- 216 g CO2 savings

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