About natural clothing

Simply “good” shopping

When looking for sustainable products, we discovered how limited the supply of sustainable and fair textiles is. How quickly you can become a victim of greenwashing and how opaque the fashion world is as a whole. Certifications are still in their infancy today. For example, there are currently no secure certificates (as of February 7, 2024) for recycling, upcycling or even for sheep wool that follow a holistic approach and carry out independent controls. Cotton is the pioneer here with the GOTS seal.

our philosophy

The use of low-chemical materials from certified organic farming (kbA) and/or controlled organic animal husbandry (kbT) and fair remuneration for producers can be combined with attractive designs and reasonable prices for the end customer - even if the offerings of large fashion companies often contradict this idea. We are looking for these manufacturers and dealers for you. We enter into close trading partnerships and remain critical in our observations.

Our approach

We want to build long-term partnerships with producers and suppliers. We have set ourselves the goal of offering products that are manufactured sustainably and under fair conditions - for example in Mongolia, India or Thailand. We maintain close contact with our partners, check the working conditions of our employees and ensure compliance with our high ecological and social standards, such as fair pay. This is the only way we can offer clothing that we are 100% confident in. Unfortunately, and this must be made clear at this point, we cannot currently control the conditions on site for everyone. This is what we can do:

  • We only buy organic cotton goods from larger manufacturers if they have a GOTS certificate.
  • We strictly monitor our partners and have them show us photos and videos of the conditions on site.
  • Countries where animals suffer from the conditions are out. (Australia and sheep mulesing, for example)
  • Smaller manufacturers in particular who want the very best cannot afford expensive certificates; we check the information we have for accuracy.

We would also like to give craft companies from Germany that stand out from conventional mass-produced goods the opportunity to sell their range at reasonable prices. Products that are marked with the quality label “Made in Germany” in our shop are manufactured in small series by selected German craft companies.

our range

As a young startup, we would like to present you with a constantly growing offering. Because we see major deficits in this clothing market in particular. We're tired of all the bad purchases! No more products that often claim to be very green, but actually mercilessly exploit people and the environment. We don't throw anything away! You can see that there are individual items in our shop and also the collections from the previous year. We won't destroy any of the goods and we are sure there is a suitable wearer for every sweater!

Our plans

We are continually working to expand our range and implement our philosophy. We continue to look for manufacturers and retailers who are true to our principles. If something changes in production, contrary to our expectations, we will end the trading relationship.

Our motto

We want to take responsibility with every “natural garment” and do our part to sustainably transform the fashion industry – and look good at the same time. Join us!