Airpaq – sustainability through upcycling


Airpaq produces backpacks and bags from upcycled car scrap, including airbags and seat belts. The founders, Adrian Goosses and Michael Widmann, are on a mission to show their customers that extremely durable products can be created from supposed scrap. Their goal is to change consumption in the long term and promote a more sustainable and environmentally conscious lifestyle.

Airpaq backpack

Several hundred thousand tons of car scrap are generated in Germany every year, including high-quality, unused resources. At Airpaq, a product is considered sustainable if it is made of resource-saving materials, is produced fairly and socially and is durable. Through the successful combination of upcycled material with aesthetic design and useful functions, Airpaq actively contributes to reducing waste. All products are manufactured in the EU under fair and sustainable working conditions.

Customers who choose Airpaq products actively support a sustainable lifestyle and help reduce environmental impact.