Valentine's Day special

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Now gifts for
get your loved ones!

14% discount on all bags
until February 14th

With us you will only find bags that are particularly sustainably and fairly manufactured. A gift with a happy ending !
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Smarteria produces bags made from upcycled, used nylon nets or recycled plastic. In both cases, the end product is a bag that is durable and particularly resource-efficient and therefore good for our planet.
For car lovers, we have bum bags and handbags made from car parts. The highlight: The bags are made from discarded airbags and seat belts. Waterproof, robust and tear-resistant. A durable and practical companion.
If you want something colorful and simple, our cotton handbags are the right choice. The handbags with flapovers, for example, are chic everyday companions.
You can't go wrong with sustainably and fairly manufactured bags.
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