natural clothing - fashion fair and ecological

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Valentine's sale

28% on all bags

Every day is Valentine's Day if you have the right bag.
Fairly and ecologically produced.

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So happy!

I'm so glad I discovered you. Simply personal and nice. Thanks and keep it up!

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Found my favorite part

I just tried it out and found a favorite piece. It still looks great, even after over a year.

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No bad conscience

Who can see through all the e-commerce? Everything here is fair trade. Top!

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Fairly and ecologically produced natural fashion

naturgewand is the perfect place to go for modern and fashion-conscious people who don't want to indulge in conventional mass consumption. We pay attention to a social and humane way of producing all products, as well as ecologically produced materials. None of the natural clothing items are produced on an industrial scale or under anti-social conditions. Our natural fashion is mainly created entirely by hand and provides the producers in their respective home countries with a livelihood. You receive fair wages that are higher than the minimum wages applicable there, regular and humane working hours and good working conditions. You can find further information about the business premises and working conditions in the article texts and in our blog . There we provide information about new products, the respective countries of origin and the type of production.

In our shop you will find trendy, fairly and sustainably produced natural fashion. We check every item of clothing for these criteria. So it has the potential to become your new favorite piece. So that your new "natural garment " really makes you happy, we pay attention to good workmanship and select high-quality materials. This is how we ensure that you have something of your new favorite item for a long time. The materials used are, for example, organic cotton, organic linen or hemp from controlled organic cultivation. We also pay attention to the origin and type of material extraction when it comes to animal raw materials such as virgin wool, alpaca wool or leather. A low environmental impact by avoiding chemicals is a given. Keeping animals is also important to us. That's why we pay attention to the keeping of the animals on the respective farms from which the wool is sourced. These are visited regularly.

Modern cuts in many different colors

When selecting products, we pay great attention to comfortable and modern cuts. Of course, every piece of clothing is produced fairly from high-quality raw materials. Modern and comfortable cuts as well as bright and trendy colors characterize our clothing. We want to take responsibility with every “natural garment”. We want to do our part to reshape the fashion industry sustainably - and also look good at the same time, because organic doesn't have to look like organic.

Carefully selected natural fashion

As a small retailer, we have a small range, which we select very carefully. Let's start with shoes, especially children's shoes . We see major deficits in this area in particular. If you think that a shoe like this belongs on your child's feet and your own, then you've come to the right place in our shop. No more products that often don't deliver what they promise.

We are gradually incorporating our own products into our range. These will of course meet an equally high standard. For each "natural garment" you will find information about the materials used, the country of manufacture, and a description of the production. If possible, we also map manufacturing processes and production sites. You can also find pictures and further information about the production of our natural fashion in our blog .