All products in our shop are made from selected materials. We pay attention to low-pollutant materials that are fairly traded and produced under humane working conditions. In addition, some products are made from recycled materials, which can make a significant contribution to reducing environmental pollution.

Cotton in our shop

Cotton is the most popular textile fiber worldwide. Cotton products in our shop are made from organic cotton, which is free of harmful substances and harmless. In this context, organic means that pesticides, artificial fertilizers, herbicides and genetic engineering are not used when growing cotton. Unfortunately, the proportion of organic cotton in the global cotton trade is still very low, but everyone should be aware that avoiding fashion contaminated with pollutants not only benefits their own health, but also the health of all the workers involved in production involved. Avoiding chemicals also benefits the soil and therefore the cotton plant in the long term. The reduced impact on people and the environment is enormous. By purchasing one piece of clothing, several square meters of floor space are reduced. Organic cotton is picked by hand in order to avoid the use of any chemicals.

Cork in our shop

Cork is a sustainable and renewable resource. All cork products in our shop are made from cork obtained from organically managed cork oak forests. Because cork can be processed extremely thin, it can be used in many different ways. For example, bags, wallets, hats and sometimes even entire items of clothing can be made from it. Cork can also be colored and printed. Of course, the colors used here are also purely organic. It should be emphasized that no tree is felled to produce cork, as the cork bark can simply be harvested. It then grows back stronger and more robust than before. Cork oak forests are home to countless animal species. Organic farming therefore benefits people, the environment and animals.

Leather in our shop

Leather products in our shop are made exclusively from chrome-free tanned leather. It is also free of formaldehyde and azo dye. The colors are harmless and free of heavy metals.