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Greenwashing – Critically question “sustainable” labels!

You’ve probably heard of the term “greenwashing”. Probably in a contemptuous context, because it rightly has negative connotations in our society. What exactly does this term express and why is it considered derogatory? First of all: I can say this much that this term is usually associated with the manipulation and exploitation of nature-conscious buyers.

Definition of greenwashing

The English word “greenwashing” refers to the false representation of companies as effective, environmentally friendly and responsible in order to increase sales and thus the company's profits.

The damage that greenwashing does


With greenwashing, we as consumers are lied to and exploited by companies. Furthermore, we are prevented from living out our beliefs. As an environmentally conscious citizen, I participate against my will in the lower circumstances in production, employees and trade . Companies abuse good faith and thereby create distrust of other, sincere labels.

Tips for uncovering the illusion

Check assortments

Individual pieces and collections that are advertised as being sustainable often distract from the production and trading circumstances of the remaining ranges. This is how quickly a company gains a green image . A look at the other offers can shed some light on the matter.

    Source selection

    Always look for one, two or three additional sources that confirm a claim. The more the better!


      Find out about the history , founding, location of production and conditions of employees of a company. Anyone who reveals little is probably not particularly proud of the means of production.

        Own “seal”

        Self-conceived seals that are supposed to certify fair trade , for example. Companies that practice greenwashing like to design their own certificates with an individual definition of “fair” that does not match that of internationally recognized certifications.

          Choice of words

          Terms like “regional” and “ecological” sound temptingly sustainable… But BEWARE! They contain a wide range of meanings and are not always meaningful . Where does ecological start? Where does ecological end?

            common sense

            Gas stations do not offer ecologically degradable gasoline!

              Conclusion and personal opinion

              Recognizing greenwashing is by no means easy. But in order not to be fooled, but to support the companies that stand behind environmental protection, we sometimes have to do a little detective work and educate ourselves.
              To be completely honest, greenwashing is very sad. International companies, global market leaders, trying to deceive their customers by promising them to participate in environmental protection. After all, you have the power to change something. But perhaps we are not giving them enough incentive. Your offer ultimately adapts to our demand. Are people that selfish? I think they are ignorant. From today I will inform myself! I no longer shop from fashion brands that I haven't researched extensively beforehand because I ALSO HAVE THE POWER TO CHANGE SOMETHING. And for a change, reduce, repair and reuse.

              Laura Bartella

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