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GOTS certified organic cotton helps people on the plantations

With your purchasing behavior you are making an important decision for employment relationships in developing and emerging countries. The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS for short) for organic cotton guarantees you that the people working on the plantations come into contact with toxic and carcinogenic chemicals as little as possible and are paid and treated fairly.

The fact is that when workers on plantations have to spray pesticides and similar aggressive chemicals, their risk of developing cancer increases significantly. The chemicals should not be underestimated and improper use is dangerous. Such chemicals are therefore not even used to grow organic cotton. When pest infestations occur, natural enemies are used. Growing other plants between the cotton stands helps against weeds. Everything else then has to be removed manually. Although this is more complex and time-consuming, it is an opportunity for those working on site to earn fair money - without sacrificing their own health for the fashion industry.

Defoliants prohibited – for the health of nature and people

Chemical defoliation

Common practice in cultivation: When the cotton is ripe, defoliants are sprayed in conventional cultivation to make it easier for harvesters to pick the stands. With GOTS organic cotton this has to be avoided. Machines compact the soil unnecessarily and the chemicals are harmful to the health of those working. Organic cotton is therefore picked by hand.

Better for the water, better for the environment, better for everyone!


In most growing areas there are no sewage systems or they are poorly developed. Pesticides and artificial fertilizers can seep quickly and unfiltered from the cotton field into the groundwater. There is no question that such chemicals do not belong in water bodies. They not only put a strain on the ecosystem, but also on the lives of the people who live in these areas. It has been proven that pesticides and their breakdown products are carcinogenic. GOTS organic cotton is produced without synthetic pesticides, agricultural toxins or artificial fertilizers at every stage of production. By dispensing with these “aids”, something is done for environmental protection and also for the local people. Because what is not sprayed on the field cannot enter the waterways in an uncontrolled manner.

Growing organic cotton is good for the country and its people

No chemicals

  • no contamination of the soil
  • Significantly lower pollution of groundwater and bodies of water
  • no increased risk of cancer among workers due to the use of chemicals
  • generally better health of workers

No large harvesters in use

  • more manual labor necessary
  • more working hours for those working on site
  • no compaction of the soil
  • Defoliation (with chemicals) not necessary

Do something good for people and the environment with clothing made from GOTS organic cotton

The GOTS organic cotton seal has a big influence on the people who grow and process the cotton and ultimately on you too. Without the chemicals in cultivation, there will ultimately be less chemicals on your skin. Not only are people happy here, the environment is also not polluted. Because even if our planet sometimes seems big, we only have one.

Sebastian & Julia

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